The organisation

The organisation’s goal is to make oceanic scientific expeditions accessible.
The citizen research missions, organized aboard sail boats, aim to improve knowledge and conservation of the marine environment.
In collaboration with scientific institutions and collaborative research places, all citizens can be involved in the development of research programs and participate in high sea expeditions.
Our mission is twofold and aim at:

  • the development of  an international fleet of citizen oceanographic sailing boats
  • the creation and implementation of participatory science programs on oceans

These expeditions, that are carried out on an autonomous transport and in adequacy with the environment, are above all a responsible real life and scientific adventure.

Our axes of development

1. Organizing scientific expeditions at sea
The association sets up and carries out scientific expeditions aboard sailboats, respecting the scientific standards and takes on board citizens willing to become involved in research at sea.

2. Involving citizens in scientific research
To meet the research challenges, the organisation develops citizen science programs and contributes to existing projects. By acting as a platform, the organisation allows citizens to get involved in these programs and participate in the development of open and innovative technologies based on collaborative research places (Fablab, hackerspace, citizen laboratory, etc.).

3. Training sea explorers
To carry out these expeditions, the organisation trains crew members in various skills useful for exploration missions (navigation, life on board, diving, doing photography on the sea, technics, etc …). The members come to enrich the network of sea explorers.  

4. Raising public awareness
The organisation carries out educational and awareness-raising actions around expeditions  in order to encourage public to act responsibly towards our environment.  

5. Accompanying a fleet of sailboats
The expertise and resources of the organisation are available to sailors so we can build new expeditions together. The goal is to create a network of amateur sailboats that will collect data at sea for the organizations supervising  participatory science programs.