Lasting 4 days, these mini expeditions are real scientific explorations during which the participants go to sea to carry out oceanography or marine biology experiments.
These courses enable data to be collected for one or more of our citizen sciences programmes. They are also an opportunity to learn about sailing and to acquire sailing experience specific to scientific expeditions.


  • Training in scientific handling at sea,
  • Carry out useful scientific measurements on a site of interest,
  • Test and validate the protocols of citizen sciences,
  • Training in sailing and navigation.

Typical programme

These courses last 4 days. The participants will be at sea for the entire duration.
Stops and overnight stays will be made at ports chosen along the way according to the scientific programme and sailing conditions.
Life on board will be organised between sailing time, scientific watch time and time dedicated to a specific sampling or measurement.
Numerous workshops ashore at the port will be planned to learn how to handle the scientific kits and analyse the data collected.

Science on board

During the expedition, various citizen science programmes carried out by the organization will be implemented:

Planktidex: sampling and observation of ichthyo plankton
SensOcean: temperature and salinity measurements for the study of marine currents
Ketos: visual and acoustic observations of cetaceans

On the spot

Accommodation and meals will be provided on board the boats. The sanitary facilities will be accessible in the evening at the port (only on the evenings when the boats stop, toilets are available on board).
Electricity and water should be saved as much as possible during the navigation but will be available at will once in the port.

Tarif and conditions

It is necessary to be a member of the organization in order to participate in these courses.

The participation requested (price list available on the registration form) includes all on-site costs (boat, meals, accommodation, equipment, provision of premises, berths, fuel, etc.), but does not include transport to the port of departure, nor any additional costs for evening outings on land.

These events will not be cancelled due to bad weather (except in extreme cases). It will always be possible to practice certain measures and seamanship, science or other workshops, depending on the participants present and the needs of the moment.


These courses start in the morning of the 1st day. It is usually possible to arrive the day before. The courses will take place in the cities chosen according to the scientific programme to be carried out.
Participants should bring all their personal belongings (sleeping bag, waterproof and windproof clothing for sailing, a complete change of clothes, your toiletries, clothing suitable for cold, rain and sun whatever the season).