Let’s create your own oceanographic expedition, join the fleet of citizen expeditions!

By joining as a « sailboat » you join the fleet of expedition sailboats and put your voyage at the service of oceanographic data collection.

This specific expeditions membership will allow you to :

  • to have scientific equipment on loan for 1 year, adapted to your journey and the scientific needs of the moment.
  • to be able to discuss with other members of the association and in particular to be added to the group of yachtsmen who are setting up their expeditions.
  • benefit from the association’s help in setting up your expedition on the scientific part.
  • benefit from a network of motivated crew members (members of the association) to help with the scientific handling and driving of the boat.
  • to be able to participate in all of the association’s activities (science sailing weekends, training, etc. ….)
  • to benefit from an accompaniment on the use of the kit and the follow-up of the data and their analysis.

This network of amateur sailboats will participate in small and large-scale participatory science programmes at sea. If you have a sailboat and you want to do science, do not hesitate to join us by joining the Astrolabe Expeditions fleet of exploration sailboats.