Today, ocean research relies on a fleet of scientific ships and institutional expedition boats . This fleet only represents a partial response to the needs to study, understand and protect our oceans. This small number of boats does not allow today to collect enough data to fill the lack of knowledge about our marine environment.

A simple solution is possible through the development of participatory science at sea. Thanks to the involvement sailing boat, it is possible to collect data on a global scale. And, by building on the networks of citizen laboratories, we can create innovative and accessible tools to carry out these measurements at sea. This collaboration makes it possible to generate a much larger number of usable data for scientists.

We are convinced that participatory science is an important lever for a large-scale awareness of the fragility of the marine ecosystem.

Thanks to our activities, we are initiating a close collaboration between scientists, sailing boat owners and citizens. The synergy thus created allows us to advance our knowledge of the marine environment.


Participatory science programs allow researchers to expand their field of study with more data. They also help to popularize and promote their research.


The expeditions gives an extra dimension to the trip. Their personal journey becomes a scientific expedition at the service of the oceans. They are indirectly raising awareness of the issues related to the protection of the oceans.


Citizen research programs actively involve citizens in scientific research. They allow them to contribute to the creation of research tools serving the oceans. Citizens have the opportunity to participate in the expedition to travel consciously and responsibly.