A real training course in marine sciences!

The ocean campaign is a one-week training course on board sailing boats to learn about marine sciences. Alternating workshops in port and practical measures at sea, these courses will enable you to learn to master one or more marine scientific themes while sailing from port to port on a coastal expedition.


  • Raising awareness of the various forms of measures possible at sea,
  • Training on one or more marine themes, both in theoretical issues and in the practical application of measuring instruments at sea.
  • Training in navigation, and in particular navigation specific to scientific expeditions.


  • Lectures and theoretical workshops on scientific topics
  • Practical workshops for the handling of measuring instruments
  • Workshops for the design, manufacture and maintenance of science kits
  • Carrying out scientific measurements at sea according to a pre-established program
  • Workshops for the exploitation and analysis of the results obtained
  • Sailing, seamanship and navigation training workshops
  • Navigation at sea, day and night, with “nav” watchkeeping.
  • Carrying out a daily scientific programme with a “science” watch.

Course of events

These courses take place at sea throughout the week. The crew will leave the home port for destinations chosen according to the scientific programme. Some sailing may be long, and night sailing is to be expected. 
Numerous stops in the ports will be planned to supply the boats, but also to carry out workshops on scientific equipment, for conferences, and for seamanship workshops.
A program of destinations and port stops will be defined beforehand, but it will be refined each day according to the weather and the progress of the scientific manipulations.

On the spot

Accommodation on board the boats.
Meals on board.
Sanitary facilities in the port (toilets in the boat).
Electricity in the port in the evening.

Tarif and conditions

It is necessary to be a member of the organization in order to participate in these campaigns.

The fee charged to each participant is 525€. It includes all on-site costs (boat, cash box, meals, accommodation, equipment, documents, etc…), except for incidental expenses on land during port stops.

The ocean campaigns will not be cancelled due to bad weather. It will always be possible to find a weather slot suitable for sailing, and it will also always be possible to carry out certain measures, even in port. In any case, bad weather workshops and training sessions are planned to deal with random weather conditions.


The campaign starts on Saturday morning at 10 am and ends on Sunday evening at 5 pm. It may be possible to arrive as early as Friday evening for those who come from far away, and to take advantage, at no extra cost, of the accommodation on board.

You must make your own way to the port of departure of the campaign.