The goal of this page is to summarize the different resources produced and used during the expeditions. You can find pictures, practical documents and techniques, links and whatever is useful to help any sailing ship to plan its expedition.
Ours documents  (in french)
More about navigation
> Guide de l'équipier d'Astrolabe
Share documents
> Planctoscope - microscope DIY
> Spectrofluorimètre
> Mesure de radioactivité

External links
Cetacean observation
> Pelagis : research center on marine mammals.
> GECC - Groupe d'Etude des Cétacé du Cotentin . And their marine mammals observatory :
> Réseaux Cétacés : more information about cetacean and their protection.
Planlkton documentation :
Citizen sciences in brittany :
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