How to join?
Fill up the online form and pay your subscription fee separately (bank transfer or cheque for French bank accounts). The address and bank details will be sent to you by email.
Or print out your membership form and send it with your subscription cheque made out to Astrolabe Expéditions (for French bank accounts only).
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Please : fill the form on the french page.
Your membership will be validated when payment will be completed.
Your membership is valid for the calendar year to the date of receipt.
Once your membership validated, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your membership number.
Subscription Conditions
Membership is mandatory for all activities within the association, as it will provide insurance cover during those activities.
Subscription fee for a single membership is 30 euros .
Membership is valid for one calendar year.
Members are registered to the association mailing list in order to get news and regular informations about the association
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Becoming a member of Astrolabe expeditions
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Sailing under the stars, seeing dolphins and swimming with whales…
Responsible travels, in harmony with the environment that would give you the chance to better understand our world.
Becoming a member of Astrolabe expeditions, it is :
1.Participating to our expeditions with the Astrolabe boat or other sailing boats.
2.Organizing and creating new scientific expeditions accessible for all
3.Becoming a sea explorer by learning new techniques and skills useful at sea
4.Raising public awareness about an active scientific approach to better understand our planet.
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